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Canadian statesman Paul Hellyer - interviewed on new book – Light at the End of the Tunnel

Toronto ON Canada May 25, 2010 - (ZNN) Former Canadian Minister of Defense the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer has once again made his presence felt on the UFO/ET Disclosure front.

Following his speech at the University of Toronto in September 2005, Hellyer has spoken out several times demanding government acknowledgment of the UFO/ET issue and its global and political implications. Hellyer, the only North American political figure of Cabinet rank to come forward demanding answers to the UFO question stated, before the media and to the over 400 assembled at U of T's Convocation Hall:

"UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

During a recent interview with research journalist Paola Leopizzi-Harris, Hellyer publicly reveals intimate details about humanity’s interaction with Extraterrestrials and governmental denials and lies concerning their role in the biggest cover-up in human history.

As stated in his new book Light at the End of the Tunnel – A Survival Plan for the Human Species Hellyer unabashedly states:

“The time has long since passed when there can be any justification for

secrecy in respect of matters that are so important to the lives of Americans,

future Americans and all other Earthlings. The issues that I will

discuss,… include the question as to whether or not we will continue

on the path of making our planet uninhabitable, as the Extraterrestrials

fear, or whether we will heed their warning, take advantage of their

technology and save our planet for the future benefit of Earthlings and

Visitors alike.”

Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D, Apollo 14 Astronaut said of Hellyer’s new work:

"Paul Hellyer's story is an important contribution to the literature of modern western civilization. His experience in government, his interest in exopolitics and the issues of sustainability of civilization are significant areas of current discourse.”

The interview by Paola Harris with Paul Hellyer can be viewed at :

Paul Hellyer Interview with Paola Harris

To obtain Light at the End of the Tunnel by Paul Hellyer go to: Author House

Journalists and other media wishing to contact Mr. Hellyer for interviews on his new book are asked to use the e-mail contact information below.

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