I have noticed lately that in preaching to the choir, the choir has decided, more or less, to stay home. They are attending conferences vicariously by watching a streamed event or they are just not attending because they have heard most of us speak and it is the “same old thing”. What is getting more “play” is the conspiracy-oriented conferences that blame the government for everything, while we who hear the truth, go home and turn on the game. It sets a low vibration, let alone a “fear-based message and is not leading to “disclosure”.

In spite of all this, I believe things are shifting on some other level; one that we can not see nor hear but one filled with subtle energy that we can surely feel. It is hitting most of us like a ten pound weight and causing us to shift our thinking.

This happened in Rio Rico, Arizona, on the roof top of a beautiful old Spanish hotel where Dr. Steven Greer, the CSETI group and special guests Dr. Lynne Kitei, Colin Andrews and Dr. Ted Loder combined energies to send a clear message to our visiting cosmic cultures. Each contribution was essential to this formula because it was intensely personal. Nearly all, including Steven Greer told of near-death experiences and of an acute awareness that they were all part of something greater than themselves. Dr Lynne Kitei went beyond the Phoenix lights and spoke of it as life- altering event. Her presentation has morphed into an experience in communication. She becomes part of the collective equation or the Phoenix event, if you will..
Even Colin Andrews spoke about his “ contact” experience at the age of five and the circular pattern that appeared outside his home in England, which is still now slightly visible. Something led him to be part of crop circle research; something drafted him into service. But then, are we all willing participants? Were we drafted…in perhaps the most crucial period of the Earth’s history

Lastly, Dr.Ted Loder explained that he has dedicated his life to an effort to help find a solution to the zero energy or free energy dilemma. His passion represents the passion of Dr. Greer’s Orion project; an effort to save this planet by developing alternative energies. It is all quite complex and it may be quite controversial, but there is no doubt whatsoever that this must be done now.

This is it!
All this interaction united speakers and audience in a way I have never seen before because it became as intensely focused, as it was, intensely personal. It was an important shift. It should be noted that this particular audience was slightly different; There were many new faces, many had traveled from abroad. They were more quiet; some having some heavy intellectual discussions and seemed more meditative at the breaks. They were willing participants who
were not seeking to be entertained but were yearning to participate, to make a difference, to activate something..

It was also very strange that in an effort to journalistically cover this event, my camera blocked on the staging area. There was a powerful energy present. I realized that we do not need "to see" to believe...it was felt! All the same, as part of the audience, I remained in a “wait and see” mode. We were all waiting.

In my last book, Exopolitics:All the Above, I spoke of the CE-5 CSETI protocols as the most effective for ET contact and citizen diplomacy.On October 24th, 25th and 26th 2009, at Rio Rico Arizona, out in the middle of the desert, only miles from the heavily patrolled Mexican border, I witnessed first hand something powerful; Contact protocols that are based on “meditation, an organized approach, mutual respect” and most of all a “positive” intent. It is all in the “intent”!

Dr. Greer and company are doing something right. It works. It shifts the energy. It causes light phenomena and visible contact. It is an exercise in unity, oneness and cosmic friendship. It activates something in an unspeakable dimension that is yet untapped. For me, it was a new type of experience; speakers lecturing in the morning and meditation outdoors at night. No confusion, no venders selling, no sales pitch.

As powerful green lasers pointed up in the dark sky, 300 miles into space, they resembled the “staging scene in Close Encounters of the Third kind, complete with recorded tones from inside certain crop circles. A voice echoes “all quiet, are we ready”? Are you ready for this?

I am convinced that what ever is done from here on in should somehow be modeled after this. We must change our gatherings. We do not need a low fear-based vibration of “conspiracy theory” will keep us glued to this dense negative vibration. IT MUST GO BEYOND for things to shift! Prayer, Meditation and most of all pure "intention" without anger and hate but compassion and understanding will move this all to the right place for change. It must happen. We must quit blaming the government, the military. It is up to us.

In closing, I was extremely moved by the Michael Jackson film THIS IS IT!
It was the final curtain call for Michael, the final try, the final show…but most of all his final message. He said:

“Stop depending on Governments or politicians to make change. We must do it!

Although he was talking about saving the ecology of this planet, we are speaking of disclosure. We are speaking of “truth”! It is all interconnected.
We are in it together no matter what role we play. It is time to come together now. We may not have another chance. This is it!


The incredible results of:

A. Mexico January 30, 1993:

On January 30, 1993, the RMIT was activated and sent to the volcanic zone outside of Mexico City, Mexico. Just before 12:30 a.m., local time, on January 31, 1993, while engaging in CSETI protocols to vector extraterrestrial spacecraft into the site, the entire team was briefly engulfed in a beam of amber light, which originated in the northwest sky. No conventional source for this beam was found. Later, on February 1, 1993, the team was able to vector into the site a large triangular craft, measuring 300-800 feet in diameter (one to three football fields). This craft responded to the team's signals, circled the area, and descended with its leading edge fully illuminated in what appeared to be a landing attempt. This triangular craft was approximately 300 feet in elevation and under 5000 feet from the research site. It had a brilliant light at each corner of the triangle, and a red pulsating light in the center. It was accompanied by a small red-orange probe or scout craft. As the craft left the areas, it repeatedly returned signals from the team, and then dipped below a ridge and was not seen again that night. This contact lasted about ten minutes. On February 2, 1993, the same type craft returned, this time under 200 feet, and again signaled in an interactive manner with the team. During the last 24 hours the team was in Mexico, it encountered during daylight hours brilliant, shiny metallic discs which hovered or flew near the team members. Four such discs on four separate occasions were encountered by the team on February 3 and 4, 1993.

B. England July 27, 1992

At approximately 12:20 a.m. on July 27, 1992, on an 1800 acre farm near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, the CSETI RMIT was successful in vectoring into the site a large, brilliantly lit, disc-shaped, domed craft, measuring 80-150 feet in diameter. This craft was silent, and less than 400 yards away, and came to within 10-30 feet of the ground. It was, in fact, in the same wheat field in which the RMIT was located. This craft signaled repeatedly to the group of four researchers, and a small amber object at one point detached from the object and went up into the clouds. While at close proximity, this craft caused magnetic disturbances to the compass so that the needle rotated counterclockwise 360 degrees around the compass dial. This near-landing event concluded with the craft receding into the mist and out of visible range after 10-15 minutes of signaling with the team.

C. Florida March 14, 1992:

On March 14, 1992, at 8:24 p.m., CST, on a beach near Pensacola, Florida, over 40 people present for a CSETI research team training exercise, were able to vector into the area four silent, hovering craft, which signaled repeatedly to the group, and changed formation in response to the group's light signaling. This event was observed from six locations, and videotapes and photographic evidence were obtained. These objects were under intelligent control and moved towards the group while exchanging light signaling with the team. This event lasted for 10-15 minutes.

D. Belgium February 5, 1992:

Having learned of a significant UFO wave in Belgium, the CSETI RMIT, consisting of four people, departed for Brussels on February 5, 1992. On the night of Februry 9- 10, the team conducted research under unfavorable weather conditions near the town of Eupan, Belgium. At 12:30 a.m. on the 10th the team saw at low elevation four objects approximately 300 feet away, brightly lit, which vanished suddenly after about five minutes of observation. The team returned the next morning to the site, and no explanation for the objects was found.

On the night of February 10, 1992, the team proceeded to a high ridge near Henri-Chapelle, and at 12:45 a.m. on the 11th successfully vectored into the site a large triangular, silent craft which dipped below the low cloud cover to reveal a brilliantly lit apex of the triangle. The light on this part of the craft was about the size of a full moon. A few minutes later the team heard a low vibratory rumbling directly above them, which seemed to be turned on and off in rapid succession twice. This vibration was above the team in the clouds and was stationary.

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