“The Exopolitical Implications of Night Vision Technologies”

Exopolitics Journal 3:3 (July 2010). ISSN 1938-1719 www.exopoliticsjournal.com
David Griffin, “The Exopolitical Implications of Night Vision Technologies”

Raising the Heat on Disclosure:
The Exopolitical Implications of Night Vision Technologies on
the Extra-terrestrial Truth Embargo
David Griffin MSc – Exopolitics UK

This paper will be one of the first to tackle the issue of changing access to a range of
technologies that has moved its way down from military research in the post-war
era. We will initially examine the structures that created a system to skew the truth
on the reality of visiting intelligences and proceed to review the increasing ways in
which the phenomena itself has become more complicated and whilst simultaneously
revealing itself. By placing the increasing use of night vision systems by civilians on
top of the contemporary exopolitical situation or framework a new paradigm is
ushered in. We’ll view this new era in the light of the various forms of disclosure and
contact and posit the ramifications for the human species and the interface between
terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings.

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