Earth Transformation Conference

January 7-12, 2010

We are excited by the response to some of the key presenters for our upcoming 2010 Earth Transformation conference. We have been hosting remote gazing sessions from Croatian super healer Braco which have been phenomenal. Many have felt profound life changes and healing by participating in the rare opportunity to work directly with Braco in small groups. Anticipation is building for Braco's arrival on the Big Island of Hawaii, and subsequent tour of the Hawaiian islands.

Prof Stefano Breccia has also gained attention with his upcoming presentation concerning extraterrestial contact in Italy. He will be presenting rare film and audio concerning the largest case of extraterrestrial contact in modern times.

We are quickly filling up our dolphin boat swims so book early to secure your place. Finally, post-conference workshops with world famous Healer Dennis Adams, phenomenal Near-Death Experiencer Mellen-Thomas Benedict, and Channel for the RA Material - Carla Rueckert, are now available online for booking.

Warm Aloha
Angelika & Michael
Earth Transformation Conference

Braco (Croatia) Over 220,000 people a year come to Braco's group sessions across Europe, and experience physical healing miracles and life transformations through his loving, silent gaze.

Hawaii is proud to host Braco for a rare U.S. appearance. A special 2 hour presentation on Braco, by the author of "21 Days with Braco", Angelika Whitecliff, will open the conference on the evening of January 7, followed by a gazing session with Braco for all attendees.

Braco will then appear on January 8, 9 & 10 for three gazing sessions a day. For the first time ever, conference attendees are welcome to attend ALL sessions. Additional gazing sessions will be offered post-conference, January 11 & 12.

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Ukraine releases UFO national archive

28-10-2009 16:44
The Ukrainian Ufologic Club (UFODOS) has released and placed on the Internet ( a national archive of UFO evidences.

It was complied based on people's evidences about strange flying objects over Ukraine. The 'secret files' comprise about 500 eyewitnesses' testimonies who saw UFO in Ukraine starting from the 17th century. According to UFODOS chief Yaroslav Sochka, the materials were collected from various sources, basically, Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine Air Force and public ufological organizations. In August 2009, the UK National Archives released new UFO files containing a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1981-1996 and describing more than 800 UFO cases.

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Steve Bassett Interviewed by ULTRA Magazine Finland