Exopolitics Europe

Exopolitics Europe is the official network of European Exopolitics initiatives which are gathered here. Even though we do not necessarily agree on everything, we focus on the exopolitical ideas in common:

Promote and disseminate reliable information about the UFO topic in cooperation with organizations worldwide

To promote the implementation of United Nations Decision 33/426 about government-funded, scientific studies of the UFO phenomenon on a national level

To promote the creation of an international political commission within the United Nations, which is to develop ideas about how to integrate the reality of ET visitors on our planet into society and legislation

To promote government-funded, scientific studies of UFO technology and new energy systems

To promote scientific studies of a potential paradigm shift on our planet, taking into account the philosophical and socio-cultural implications of new physics

To promote the declassification of government and military documents relating to the UFO-phenomenon

To promote open, unbiased media reporting on UFO sightings worldwide, physical evidence for the reality of the UFO phenomenon, testimonies from hundreds of former military and civilian witnesses, some of whom have been advocating hearings before the United States Congress.

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