The Votes Are Out There – From Harper’s Magazine Feb. 2010

2010 January 24
by nomyth

From a ballot initiative proposing to amend the Code of the City and County of Denver.

Last fall, supporters of the initiative collected 4,211 signatures, obliging county officials to put it before voters in next August’s municipal elections. The People of the City and County of Denver hereby declare that:

—The presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and vehicles on Earth, and within Earth’s atmosphere, has been confirmed by credible evidence, official government documents, and whistleblowers formerly working for the U.S. government;

—Evidence of extraterrestrial beings has been known by U.S. presidents since President Franklin Roosevelt, including President Ronald Reagan as disclosed in his presentation to the United Nations regarding extraterrestrial matters;

—Since at least 1947, the United States government has denied knowledge of this evidence, thus placing the public and local governments at potential risk and disadvantage;

—The United States government has suppressed, and withheld from the public, evidence of advanced clean energy, transportation, and other technologies of extraterrestrial origin. These technologies could potentially offer substantial economic relief for our most pressing social and economic concerns, including a reduction of pollution and at least partial replacement of fossil fuels with affordable non-polluting energy sources, and other advanced technologies;

—There is enough credible evidence available, independent of the United States government, to responsibly and adequately inform Denver residents and local government about extraterrestrial affairs; and…

—The creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission will help to ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors and, ultimately, facilitate the most harmonious, peaceful, mutually respectful, and beneficial coexistence possible between extraterrestrial intelligent beings and human beings.

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