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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 16, 2009 – Galileo’s telescope has been transported to the year 2009 for anyone willing to peer through it. Instead of the new heavens above, author Richard Dolan is using it to check-out the credibility of government UFO documents.

According to author-historian Richard M. Dolan many people run nervously away from any discussion of the UFO matter – but Dolan has located 12 official documents he feels prove government – at least the United States government – has and still does take UFOs very seriously. With the deft use of a modern-day journalistic telescope he examines this contentious issue with clarity and wit.

Dolan asks, “… [W]hat would it mean if we discovered that, within the classified world, people have taken it seriously for years? It just so happens that they have. They do.”

Having authored two consecutive volumes on UFOs and the National Security State, Volumes I and II, covering the periods from 1947 through to 1993, Dolan is well qualified to present factual research material and an expert research analysis of the UFO matter.

In both of these two internationally respected works, and this article, Richard Dolan entertains the high probability that most of what are categorized as UFOs, sometimes referred to as unidentified aerial phenomenon, are in fact extraterrestrial – not of Earth origin.

Dolan feels these government documents are in fact saying; “It doesn’t take a political genius to recognize that there is a discrepancy here. Nor to begin the process of filling in the blanks: that there is reasonable cause to believe that a technology not belonging to any known terrestrial power has been operating in our civilization, and that at least a few people in positions of authority are well aware of this.”

These documents and Richard Dolan’s astute assessment of their potential impact upon journalists to verify, in their own minds, the credibility and ostensible reality of the UFO issue raises the question – How can any journalist disregard the facts present in the documents and the analysis presented by Dolan?

Dolan answers this question quite admirably, “Some are so embarrassed by the topic that they simply refuse to consider any evidence whatsoever, like the Pope refusing to look through Galileo’s telescope.”

In the year 2009 it is difficult to understand why any reasoned person might not at least want to steal a look.

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