Human souls common to extraterrestrials and earthlings, researcher says

Exopolitics researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre will present an original hypothesis

that integrates extraterrestrials and the human soul and is based on empirical data

at the Science & Spirit conference in Barcelona, Spain. The Barcelona presentation

will be in Spanish, and is entitled” “Extraterrestrials and the Soul”.

Based on extensive research findings in exopolitics, parapsychology, reincarnation

studies, and hypnotic regression, Webre will postulate that an ecology of spiritual

dimensions mirrors the parallel dimensions which science is now researching,

and which include our known physical universe. A community of intelligent,

evolving souls is apparently created in the spiritual dimensions. These souls in turn

evolve and incarnate into various human or other forms on diverse planets in the

known physical universe and other planets, for purposes of gaining moral lessons.

This hypothesis is supported by replicated data from hypnotic regression of multiple

subjects’ inter-life memories.

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