UFOs and the National Security State – The Cover-up Exposed

Research author Richard M. Dolan tells all about orchestrated government concealment

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 29, 2009 – Author and research historian Richard M. Dolan has released a devastating work implicating international governments, clearly tethered by the concealment, secrecy tactics and control of the USA, in an orchestrated cover-up of the physical and political reality of the phenomenon known as unidentified flying objects.

In fact Dolan’s presentation is a book-theatre on the UFO cover-up. It is a veritably pristine and precise page after page wave of details citing chapter and verse of government complicity and political mendacity in its tactics to conceal the reality of the UFO phenomenon for decades.

One analyst from within the UFO research community said, “If one journalist in each of the major mainstream radio or television investigative news programs were to read this book – the cover-up would end, tomorrow – a true Cosmic Watergate in the making.”

In addition to reviewing dozens of UFO sightings Richard Dolan presents factual material on a wide range of topics describing, with meticulous care government attempts to conceal this matter: inexplicable technologies, UFO crashes, documented sightings by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Area 51, pilot sightings and government documents indicating the deep concern officials have for the UFO issue.

With absolutely no ambiguity or doubt Dolan states: “The following pages are a methodical presentation of facts and analysis that show the UFO phenomenon to be something most assuredly ‘not us’. It is also a reality that is actively being covered-up. It is a phenomenon so significant that elements of the human power structure have made it their priority to keep information about it strictly to themselves, apparently at all costs. As to the identity of the secret keepers, many sources culled from several decades of leaks… make a reasonable case that they are beyond nation’s. The U.S. power structure, while still integral to the system of secrecy, may not be the final word has it once was.”

Review a PR.COM News Press release on the announced book unveiling at: http://www.pr.com/press-release/168915

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