Steve Bassett in Finland 24-27 September 2009

Usko Ahonen and Steve in Puijo Tower, Kuopio on 25. September

Steve had a very successful visit in FUFORA annual meeting in Orivesi, Finland on 26-27 September. Before his presentation in FUFORA meeting he had a tour to Kuopio where there was a group of interested people discussing with him about exopolitical issues. Among these people there were several contactees and other persons that have had UFO sightings.

Anja Setälä, FUFORA secretary

Olli, Reijo Hamari and Tapani Kuningas (editor of ULTRA magazine)
Photo: Anja Setälä

Photo: Anja Setälä
A possible orb in a photo taken during Steve's presentation on 26. September

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