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On March 8th, 2000, Journalist and International Correspondent Paola Leopizzi Harris conducted this interview with Dr. Michael Wolf on behalf of the UFO DisclosureGroup. Many thanks to Paola for this world wide exclusive - John Colaw, Director UFO Disclosure Group.

Paola: Michael, there is a growing consensus that the public is being gradually conditioned for eventual disclosure of UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials. Do you think this is an accurate perception? Is the public ready for disclosure?

Michael: This will be true because the group that I am still advising is using
the Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel to get people acclimated to the idea that "we are not alone". The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel does not produce fiction. This is an accurate perception. It is all factual.

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The secretary of Dr. J Allen Hynek - Ann Eller in an Interview by Paola!

Paola: As you know I am an investigative journalist and I worked with Allen Hynek for six years so I was thrilled to interview Ann Eller, his secretary in Scottsdale , Arizona.

I am including her biography here and her book from Authorhouse publishing
Dragon in the Sky:Prophesy from the Stars will debut at the Galactic Gathering conference in Denver on September 25th and 26th.

Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy From The Stars by Ann Eller. This inspiring book by Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s former secretary gives details into “retro” UFO stories, introduces
her alien visitors and provides a cosmic message for the human race.

Ann Eller, who worked with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the Father of UFO-Alien research, has a unique perspective on the UFO enigma. Her fascinating story also revisits her days in the White House during the Clinton administration, as a medevac nurse for the Peace Corps, and her exceptional encounters with other-worldly beings.
Because of her time spent with Dr. Hynek, she offers a completely different insight into the inner workings of UFO
studies and research, as well as her recollections of UFO information with which she became acquainted while serving as Hynek’s personal secretary.
For over twenty years, Dr. J. Allen Hynek was Science Advisor for the United States Air Force working on Project Sign, Project Grudge, and Project Blue Book. Dr. Hynek investigated nearly all of the well-known UFO sightings during the early years of UFO history, and contributed to Steven Spielberg’s movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” (Click for the trailer including clips of Hynek!)

Ann fondly remembers Dr. J. Allen Hynek as a man of high integrity, and committed to looking into the UFO question and the true nature of the alien agenda. During the time Ann spent at the International Center for UFO Research in Scottsdale, Arizona, she had the opportunity to meet the “Who’s Who” of UFO research. Her story leads to a deeper understanding of Dr. Hynek’s research and behavior and exposes his interest in secret societies and spirituality.
Ann also revisits Dr. Hynek’s transition from staunch skeptic to an open-minded investigator of UFO phenomena. She appealed to Dr. Hynek for consideration of the many witnesses who were ostracized after sharing their stories, pointing out that there was too much compelling evidence for their stories to be dismissed. Dr. Hynek concluded that the UFO question needed more answers and was committed to seeking them out.
Read more about J. Allen Hynek in Wikipedia!

An incredible contact experience in Laramie, Wyoming left Ann with a message to tell the world. Ann clearly and powerfully articulates what mankind must do in the coming days to live consciously. In her book, Dragon in the Sky; Prophecy from the Stars, Ann challenges our assumptions about our daily life, warns us about what is on the very near horizon and stresses the need for dramatically improving the quality of our relationships to each other and to the Divine. She shares her wisdom filled with inspiration, humor, and spiritual insight.

Ann Eller has had a diverse and expansive history as an elementary school teacher, OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner, GYN surgical nurse, Medevac Nurse for the Peace Corps, Mother, Grandmother, White House volunteer, world traveler, and secretary to the renowned astrophysicist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
Ann has had her own extraordinary experiences with alien visitors. In her book, Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy From the Stars, she tells of her astonishing experiences, her message from the stars, and her appeal to all for higher consciousness and UFO disclosure.
Her personal philosophy is that we are here to realized our passions and dreams and in so doing we are naturally following the Path back to the Source of all creation.
She is the Mother of two and Grandmother of three and currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

PH. Ann ,you were secretary and assistant to Dr. J Allen Hynek for some years in Scottsdale Arizona. Did you also know Jacques Vallee?

AE: You heard about the interview on Coast to Coast, about a year ago? I missed it, too, but I heard from friends about it. Jacques Vallee talked about how he had such a wonderful camaraderie with Allen Hynek. Actually, it was Jacques who told me about the swamp gas, and how upset he was that Allen didn’t call him. He said,” I would have come, and we could have thought up a much better answer than swamp gas.” But actually, Hynek didn’t say The sighting was swamp gas. He said that he couldn’t rule out swamp gas.

PH: Allen could never “ live that down”. He always regretted it.
So the one time Allen got angry with you was because of what you said at the Wyoming Conference? I also saw him angry once.
The time I saw him get angry, because I knew him really well, was when he came to my house and Nightline’s Ted Koppel called him, and he was supposed to be on a program with the debunker Phil Klass. He told me that he wouldn’t even talk to those people, to tell them that like hell, he would be on a program with Phil Klass and he wasn’t the least bit interested. Phil Klass could be on the show by himself.

AE: Well, I went up to this conference in Wyoming, and Leo Sprinkle and Jerome Clark were there. And they asked Jerry and me to get up and talk to the conference. When it got to be my turn, I had noticed that there were a lot of contactees in the audience, so I said, “I want you to know that you’re not crazy, and that the government has known all about these ETs and all about these UFOs for a long time, and not only that, they are in cahoots with them.”

PH: You said that?

AE: Yes, I said that. They took it out of the transcript, though, because they sent me a copy of the transcript and it was out of there. And there’s even a little blurb in the transcript that said “inaudible,” or something like that.

PH: Can I ask you, did you get that from some knowledge?

AE: It was just known. It wasn’t like I had seen a piece of paper or a document. It wasn’t that Allen had ever said this. I just knew it. You know when you’re in this business for so long and you’re around it so much, it’s like osmosis. I was coming from a space of being very sympathetic with the contactees and how some of their lives had been ruined, and these were the questions they were asking us. “Why don’t you warn the contactees not to talk about it? Because you know the government is going to step in and make their lives miserable.” The party line was, we don’t have any evidence, we don’t have any knowledge of this. Jerome couldn’t get to the telephone fast enough after I said that. Allen was waiting for me when I got back, and I got a little slap on the wrist. He said we shouldn’t be making these kinds of statements to the public.

PH: But the government could be involved.Everyone knows about it.

AE: Yes.

PH: What did you do after that?

AE: I just listened.

PH: Were you ever listening when he was talking to a contactee?

AE: Yes, I think on a couple of occasions.

PH: Did you feel like he was telling the truth one hundred percent, or did he have trouble with that?

AE: Well, you know Travis Walton?

PH: Oh, yes, I know Travis.

AE: He had Travis Walton down for a session that we did, and I never felt that the ones that I heard were not telling the truth.

PH: Why would Allen Hynek have you listen?

AE: They were always very informal, and they were always over at the Center, so I was usually there also.

PH: So they were there, and you just happened to be there as well. Did he ever ask your advice?

AE: Yes, on occasion he would, because he knew that my orientation was very different from his. I was much more involved in the personal and spiritual side of this experience, and he hadn’t gotten there yet. He still asked questions like,” Did you feel the ship? Did you touch it?”

PH: He didn’t start meditating until the end of his life because I remember at his house we were not allowed to go and talk to him because he was meditating in the morning.

AE: Well, I meditated two and a half hours a day, and I got him interested in the mystical side of things. We would have these conversations about reincarnation and about all kinds of things. I’d given him this book, The Path of the Masters, for his birthday. And he went through that book, and wrote in the margins, and then we’d talk about it. So we had some very good spiritual discussions, and I am so convinced that this whole UFO experience comes to us as a prelude to an increase in our spiritual awareness. And so the Andreasson Affair, you know, the two experiences there were very spiritual. And it really delved into it. It’s that way with so many contactees. So anyway, he was the “nuts and bolts”, and I was the other side of the story.

PH: I was surprised by the way he would listen. He would actually be quiet for twenty minutes while people talked.

AE: He was good at that. In fact, you didn’t get much out of him.

PH: That’s what I remember, people just going on and on and I would say to him, “Why don’t you stop them?” And he would just listen. I think he was remembering other cases, and piecing this information into what he already knew.

In these photos Maurizio Baiata, Ann Eller and paola Harris

AE: Well, when I came back from Wyoming after my experience, when these beautiful Beings appeared in the room at the college…I was with a medium named Connie, and she changed from the waist up. She became these Beings, one right after the other. They were all female, they were stunning. They were just very – this first group was very human-looking, and they had these ornaments, certain things on their heads. One had a headdress on.

PH: Could anybody else see this?

AE: Yes, there were just the three of us in the room, and she, of course, couldn’t see it. Connie and her husband Doug were there with me. All night long we experienced it. We lost count after the first five came through, but at some point it stopped and the one person who was there started speaking. She held up her hand and made some kind of a motion, like this, like she was greeting us. When she did that, Doug and I both put our hands up and did the same thing. It was so weird. I asked where they were from, and the name was in my head, right there. It was written out in the long form, and then the shorter one, the way we might write Los Angeles, and then LA.

PH: Did you remember it?

AE: It was there, and the being said, “Yes, that’s correct,” and then it was gone.

PH: So the being said that in your mind, and not through the mouth of the medium?

AE: The being spoke through the medium. It sounded kind of like Connie’s voice, They were using her vocal cords, but some of the words that they used would not have been associated with Connie, they wouldn’t be in her vocabulary. At one point, they said, “We will now depart, for a higher power to come through.” And at that point, they took Connie way out, she had no recollection of that whatsoever. What came through then was ancient…ancient. Take an ET’s face, and make it rounder, and a little more human-looking…still with the long neck, and the wrinkles all the way down. But these eyes…were about three times larger than ours but rounded not cat eyed.

PH: Would you say it was a grey being?

AE: It was a female. They were all females. I asked them if the mission was on target. I had no idea what the mission was, but I seemed to know what the mission was when I was talking to them. They said yes, everything was fine. I said, “Will you stay with me?” And they said, “We have always been with you.” I said, “When can I join you?” and they said, “When the time is right.”

PH: So they said these things, and then they just left?

AE: Eventually, they left. Connie just keeled right over onto the floor.

PH: So this was at the dormitory, during the University of Wyoming conferences with Leo Sprinkle, in the year 1985, the year before Allen Hynek died.

AE: Leo and I also did a couple of sessions. One was to see if there had been any encounters and the second was very different. He has a conversation between you and your soul? He talks to your soul and takes you through several past lifetimes. Did he do that with you?

PH: No, he didn’t, but he did do one with reincarnation where he told me all about past lives that I’ve had.

AE: He told me about one life that Allen and I had had in which he was an astronomer and I was his assistant, in about 1400 or 1500, somewhere around there, and that Alan saw the ships in his telescope in that lifetime. He wouldn’t tell anybody, but he let me look through the telescope and see them. But he said, “you cannot talk about it.” I felt the same way this life. We can’t talk about this. He was doing the same thing. I think that’s why I said what I did in the conference, about the government knowing all about it. I was not going to be gagged in this life!

PH: Tell me, did you ever record this experience with this medium?

AE: Yes, as soon as I got back. I made Allen sit right down and I turned the tape recorder on, and I made him sit there for over two hours while I relayed this whole experience to him. You can hear him in the background there. The first thing he caught was the missing time, when we ran out of gas at the ranch and then when we arrived at the restaurant. We had about an hour and a half, two hours of missing time at that point. That was during the time when I was shown the five symbols.

PH: Do you have the symbols anywhere?

AE: Yes. I have them. At the McGuire Ranch, there were ships coming through, and in the mountains out there There is a depression like a portal. This is where the ships came through, you couldn’t see them but there was a whole herd of animals, Antelope. And when one of those ships came through, the whole herd just scattered. There were three ships. I didn’t see that, but Connie’s husband , Doug, said he thought there were three ships and described what they looked like. He squatted down with a stick and drew them in the dirt. I was mentally picking up a woman with flowers in her hair, and I said, “There’s a man here with her, and I don’t know what they’re saying.” Doug said, I think we need to ask permission. At that moment, my spiritual master came right in and gave permission, and then left. From then on, we just started picking things up. That’s when the whole experience started.

PH: What about Allen? Did you ever get the feeling when you were telling this to Allen, that he wished he was there?

AE: No. He talked about it, but he was mainly interested in the ship. We didn’t touch the ship. The ship didn’t materialize. The other stuff, I got the feeling was just a little too airy-fairy for him. He just couldn’t quite understand how these beings could come through the Medium.

PH: I remember once when I was at his house, he turned to me and said, “I wish I’d know the truth before I die.”

AE: All the time, I said to him, “Come on, you must have had some psychic /UFO/Alien experiences. Tell me about them.” I just said it all the time, and he just laughed, but he’d never say anything. The last time I went to visit him, he looked me in the eye and said, “I want you to know that I’ve had my own experiences.”

PH: He said that?

AE: He said that. Verbatim.

PH: And what did you say? Did you talk about it?

AE: No, he was too weak. But I treasured that, because I felt that he validated me. And I also told him before I left his office and went back to the hospital, “And he said, “I know.” Just consider that we have some karma together, because he and I used to talk about karma a lot.

PH: He also didn’t want to leave Mimi without money.

AE: They were excited about retirement.

PH: She was doing archaeological digs, she would accompany him everywhere.We would do everything together. We were out once in Santa Fe, New Mexico and he asked me to tango, so I’m out there dancing the tango with Allen Hynek, and finally he turned to me and said, “We better get off the dance floor, people will be speaking about us.” (Laughs). Mimi was also dancing.

AE: Several nights, I had been seeing this bright, bright light at about three o’clock every morning. I kept telling him about it, and I said, “I don’t think it’s a planet, and I know it’s not a star. You need to look at it.” So he said, okay, the next time you see it, give me a call. So the next night, I saw it at three o’clock, and I picked up the phone and called him. He said, “Okay, I’ll be right over.” I said, “You don’t have to come over here, just go outside and look.” He did go outside and look, and he called me back and said, “Sorry, it’s Venus.”

PH: So you said that eventually he began to go downhill, and that’s when he had some experiences. Did he ever lead you to what you should read that would help explain some of these things?

AE: No, I was more concerned about giving him spiritual books, because he was really interested in it. I thought that this was probably going to help him more. So I was more involved in reading books to him and making sure he was reading these.

PH: Did you leave Phoenix?

AE: Yes, I moved over to California. I went back to the hospital in October and worked there until January or February, when I moved over to California. My daughter was expecting her first child. So I was in California when Allen died. Before I left, I got to see him. And he told me that he had known all of his life, because he was born when Halley’s comet came through, that the next time Halley’s comet came back he’d go out. It was that year.

PH: Did he talk about that a lot about being ready to go?

AE: We talked about the disease process a lot, because I was a nurse. He was seeking the best help he could find. But he tried to keep up a brave face for everybody, saying, “Yeah, I’m going to be okay,” but he didn’t believe it. He knew he was dying and he knew that the comet was taking him out. He was a Rosicrucian, too, and nobody knew that. And I’ll tell you something else. You remember the big portrait that was on his living room wall? Remember the ring that was on his finger? That ring as I recall it had a Maltese cross on it. The Maltese cross was one of my symbols.

PH: The other portrait that I remember from his house was the one with the children and the big UFO running up the hill.

AE: I don’t remember that.

PH: It was a very realistic painting of a circular UFO that looked like the world, and a picture of them running up a grassy hill.

AE: I think a lot of people talked about getting messages from Allen after he died. The gal helping with the book said that he talked to her in her dreams the last couple of weeks. She’d wake up and say, “He’s telling me what to put in the first three chapters, but I can’t remember it!”

I wanted to tell you about this other thing. He showed me the contract that he had with Spielberg, and the wording in there is just amazing. He bought from Allen for one thousand dollars, the rights to use the words “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” anywhere in the universe. That’s the way it was worded.

I found a letter that had not been opened, and it was from the early 1950’s. I thought, that was just typical of him, you know, that he had never opened it. So I opened it, and it was from someone with an oriental name at Ohio State University Astronomy Department, and this person was simply documenting the fact that he had identified transmissions through his radio telescope from the area of Venus. What he was doing was just documenting it in this letter to Allen. Allen never opened it because he already knew what was in it, and he was just holding it for the guy in case anybody later said, “I just discovered these signals from Venus,” because this guy had found them first.

PH: He told you this?

AE: No, but I realized what had happened. So I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether I should throw it away, or hide it, or tell someone about it, or take it away. I gave it to Allen and said, “I’m sorry, I opened this letter and it seems to be rather important.” I was blown away, 1952. Signals were being picked up from the vicinity of Venus.

PH: So he took the letter?

AE: Put it in a drawer and never said a word.

PH: I don’t even know where to begin with this.He’d call me every now and then, excited about a sighting. I didn’t even go into “ the contact scenario.2 when I worked with him. He had gone a lot farther in 1985. Did anybody come to see him when he was really sick?

AE: The only ones I remember from that summer are Richard Sigismond. Nice guy, I liked him.. Jacques Vallee, I liked him right away. Willie Smith came, and they were like twins, he and Allen, they were cut out of the same cloth. They were nose to nose with each other, I got the feeling that their computers were connected. (Laughs.) I don’t remember anyone else.

PH: No one from the military?

AE: Not that I knew of, and I was there every day. I would have known.

PH: He was in pretty good shape for most of that time. He didn’t have any lowering of energy or anything?

AE: Well, yes, there was a lowering of energy. Keep in mind that I left in October, so we had only known about it for three months when I left. When I came back, I could see the changes in him.

PH: He became frail? Did he respond to the therapy?

AE: Yes, he became frail. He did respond somewhat to the radiation and chemotherapy. When he died, I was in California and Mimi Hynek called. My name was on the Will, and I forget now what it was. She had to get something or wanted to send me something. But I didn’t go to the funeral or the burial.

PH: Did you know his collaborators in Arizona?

AE: Well, they were drawing up the will that one day, and they needed witnesses. I have a picture of the four of us and the attorney when we all signed the Center into the International Center for UFO Research. The photo was on Coast to Coast.

PH: What is the name of your book?

AE: Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy from the Stars
from Authorhouse Publishing. Available September 2009.

J. Allen Hynek with J. Vallee

John Mack with Paola in Italy

Paola Harris and Enzo De Caro

Paola Harris presentation in Barcelona 2009

Richard Dolan - Exopoltics & UFO Disclosure Part 1/6

This is Richard's presentation
on the Challenges of UFO Disclosure, given in June 2009. First of six parts. Click here for the rest of the presentation.


(See the left marginal when the Exopolitics FinlandTV opens!)

Michael Salla in Barcelona Summit

Stephen Bassett - Barcelona 2009 - UFO Disclosure Lecture - Part 1 of 2 from Exopolitics Denmark on Vimeo.

Stephen Bassett - Barcelona 2009 - UFO Disclosure Lecture - Part 2 of 2 from Exopolitics Denmark on Vimeo.

Former Astronaut Brian O'Leary, PhD - Barcelona 2009 - Exopolitics and the Energy Solution Revolution (HD) from Exopolitics Denmark on Vimeo.

Carsten Dreschbach's Diashow of the Barcelona Summit (Click!)

UK MoD Files August 2009 Release

The late summer 2009 release of documents is just one of countless mysterious reports released as part of a three-year project between the MoD and The National Archives, aimed at opening up the records to a worldwide audience.

A video about the release of files

The Government 'X- Files', contains 14 files of sightings, letters and Parliamentary Questions - 4,000 pages in total. The global exopolitics community tends to view the various national file release projects as a positive move towards transparency in this field however it is seen more as contributing to the ongoing process of public acclimation rather than formal, 'big D' Disclosure by which the various governments make a formal acknowledgement of the extra-terrestrial presence.

In this article - the contributors to Exopolitics UK, Germany, Poland and Finland briefly address some of the key cases in the current release.

For this sites coverage of previous MoD releases - try the archive search. Download your own release documents here.

File release summary - August 2009

In addition to the incidents below, the current release also features reports about numerous sightings over Scotland as Bonnybridge became the UFO hotspot of the mid-90s, sightings from Glastonbury and a report of wailing noises and mysterious lights being beamed on to a cemetery in Cheshire in July 1996. Investigations discovered four smouldering railway sleepers, one with a hole burnt through it. One young man claimed he saw a UFO hovering over a cemetery before it fired burning laser beams into the ground.

According to the released police log by the MoD, a bright yellow light followed the youngster, who was crossing a footbridge from Avondale Drive into Upton. The light was 'two houses high', he reported, and followed him when he tried to walk away from it.

The release is also broken down into regional reports from individual cities and counties in the UK. For example UFO sightings in London between 1993-94 included dozens of sightings of a brightly illuminated oval objects caused by what was actually a Virgin airship. Some accounts include sketches and several people refused to believe the UFO was in fact the airship. See DEFE 24/1963, 1959, 1960. Other regional incidents are listed in the index document.

Some commentators have made the link between a peak in reported incidents during 1978 as this was the same year that the infamous film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' was released. There is of course a link between media exposure and sightings but this issue does not detract from the very real issues revealed by public reporting of possible extra-terrestrial related episodes.

Read more here in Exopolitics UK



Nos llega la invitación de nuestro querido amigo, el Doctor Anthony Choy, al primer encuentro peruano de exopolítica, a celebrarse en la ciudad de Lima, este 11 de Septiembre, ingreso gratuito.
Siguiendo la tendencia mundial para tratar el tema del fenómeno "ovni", desde el punto de vista del conocimiento humano, vale decir de las humanidades y de las ciencias, la AFODAE da el paso al frente en nuestro país y organiza el primer evento de exopolítica, reuniendo a los principales propulsores de la investigación y el estudio del fenómeno, como nuestro amigo el doctor Anthony Choy quien será ponente en esta primera cita, y a quien agradezco la invitación personal que me hiciera para acudir al evento.
La exopolítica, pues, acoge a todo aquél que se ha acercado al fenómeno "ovni", sin sortilegios improbables, sin pretensiones proféticas, sin prédicas fanáticas del fin del Mundo; sino mas bien con la seriedad que requiere toda realidad poco conocida.

Source: Luis Vásquez Coronel, ufo researcher in Peru

Read more in Spanish about this first Exopolitics conference in Peru
here/ Ver mas de este cumbre aqui!(Click)


Michio Kaku

Grant Cameron

Global News

Chinese UFO Video

Melinda Leslie Abduction Studies

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