Steve Bassett: PRG Update - June 11, 2010

Steve Bassett, June 13, 2010 at 5:14pm
PRG - PRG Update - June 11, 2010
Paradigm Research Group

Australian Talking Tour - June 26 to July 29;;

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will leave on June 22 for a thirty-five day speaking tour of Australia to include twelve stops in eleven cities. The principal sponsor of the tour is the Nexus Conference produced by Nexus Magazine, July 24-26. Stephen hopes to gain a greater understanding of how Australians view the UFO/ET issue and the disclosure process. He will brief informal and formal groups on the status of the Disclosure process and seek new support for the ongoing advocacy initiatives.

The tour schedule is as follows: Perth (June 24-27), Adelaide (June 27-30), Canberra (June 30-July 5), Wollongong (July 5-9), Sydney (July 9-12), Melbourne (July 12-14), Auckland, NZ (July 14-17) (developing), Long Jetty/Newcastle (July 17-19), Byron Bay (July 19-21), Brisbane (July 21-23), Twin Waters (July 23-26), Brisbane (July 26-29).

At this time it does not look as if a New Zealand stopover will be possible. Any assistance in setting up a second talk in Sydney for the dates July 14-17 would be greatly appreciated.

European Talking Tour - August;

Shortly after returning from Australia Stephen will leave for the second annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo in Leeds, UK, August 7-8. While disruptions from the Iceland volcano and economic turmoil in the European Union have delayed plans, PRG is now seeking hosts for stops in the United Kingdom and Ireland during August and exploring the possibility of stops elsewhere in Europe.

If you would like to host a formal or informal talk in Europe during August or early September or know of an appropriate event where Stephen might present, please contact PRG. Thanks.

X-Conference DVDs / Audio Tapes;; (Creative Seminars);

The presentations from X-Conference 2010 have now been remastered to correct sound issues and are available from Sedona Media Company (including 2009). Also, audio tapes from all past X-Conferences can be ordered from Creative Seminars. X-Conference 2004-2008 DVDs can be ordered through Paranormal Matrix. All proceeds from these sales go toward the audio/visual coverage of the X-Conference which has generated considerable footage raising public awareness in documentaries and on the Internet.

Contact 2010 Conference Status;

The dates and location for the Contact 2010 Conference are now on hold while PRG seeks the necessary funding to produce the event. This would be the first major conference exclusively addressing the contactee phenomenon since the Alien Abduction Study Conference co-organized by Dr. John Mack and Dr. David Pritchard on the campus of MIT in 1992. While funding is being sought, development of the conference will continue.

The Art of Close Encounters - Kim Carlsberg;

As many of you know, PRG is a big supporter of art as a language to represent the amazing transition underway as we approach Disclosure. Past X-Conferences have included art galleries, and PRG one day hopes to produce a major showing of art from around the world addressing the UFO/ET issues and experiences. While developing the Contact 2010 Conference PRG became acquainted with the work of contactee Kim Carlsberg.

Kim is an accomplished photographer and artist and her 1995 book Beyond My Wildest Dreams was a ground breaking account of her complex encounters. She received many hundreds of letters and emails from other women who have had similar experiences but were not and often still not able to speak about them.

A new book will soon go to the printer - The Art of Close Encounters. Stories and art from scores of contactees have been collected into a visually stunning book that will help make this difficult subject more approachable.

Kim is hoping to add another half-dozen accounts with art to this book. If you would like to submit an account of your experiences to Kim, contact her at:

I Know What I Saw DVD Release;

The documentary I Know What I Saw by James Fox has been released on DVD. A thousand autographed copies are now available with 30 minutes of bonus material.

50% of the proceeds will go towards a screening in Washington, DC where congressional members and media could interact with witnesses after viewing the documentary. Such an event would promote more responsible policy in Washington, as well as, educate the media on the serious and real nature of the phenomenon.;

There has been an exopolitically significant development in the United Kingdom. Conservative David Cameron has become the new prime minister and has formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrat Party led by Nick Clegg.

What is significant is David Cameron made it clear during his campaign he would support openness on the UFO/ET issue and the further release of files. Both he and Clegg support not extraditing Gary Mckinnon. Perhaps of greatest importance, Cameron and Clegg both campaigned on a reassessment of the overly "lavish" relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States.

For these and other reasons PRG now includes the United Kingdom on its list of countries most likely to end the truth embargo before the United States.

Extra Campaign for the Denver ET Ballot Initiative;

[Just in. The vote for the ET Ballot Initiative has been reset for the November election. This will attract more media attention.]

The August 10 election in Denver, which will include a ballot initiative calling for the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission for Denver, is fast approaching. This brilliantly conceived activist project is the work of Jeff Peckman. It has received considerable national attention and has become a symbolic referendum on the UFO/ET issue. What's more important, there is a good chance it will pass.

There is still time to support this effort. Please go to the Extra Campaign website and make a contribution to this grass roots activist initiative.

PRG Fundraiser;;

PRG conducts one fund raiser a year. The one for 2010 will begin shortly and notices will go out next week. The economy has a lot of people very worried and rightfully so. These are uncertain times. Put quite simply the formal Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence could bring about an economic resurgence. At the center of that resurgence would be the impact of extraterrestrial derived technologies for energy and propulsion currently sequestered behind the truth embargo. End the embargo, get the tech.

Without funding the advocacy effort can only go so far. There is a great deal at stake and PRG is working hard to find a major contributor who can be a game changer. Until then, it is the support of hundreds of small donations that keeps the effort alive. Information about how to contribute to PRG and the political action committee XPPAC will be sent soon. Thanks.


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